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An Instrument to Provide ICT Investment Strategies for European Public Administrations

Department of Business Informatics, University of Lodz

Department of Business Informatics, University of Lodz

The Department of Business Informatics (Zaklad Informatyki Ekonomicznej - ZIE) was established in 1994 at the School of Economy and Sociology at the University of Lodz[external link]. ZIE is specialised in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), process analysis and conceptualization, Information systems developing methodologies, and Computer-Aided Systems Engineering.

Besides that ZIE has experiences in evaluating System Designs, Human-System Interaction and User-Acceptance Models, in the domains of business relationships and benefits and limits of using new information technologies in public administrations.

In PICTURE, ZIE will lead the phase of demonstration and evaluation of PICTURE (WP6). [external link]


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