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An Instrument to Provide ICT Investment Strategies for European Public Administrations


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PICTURE was a European Commission-funded STREP (Specific Targeted Research Projects), co-financed by the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission. The project developed an approach that helps decision makers in European Public Administrations (PAs) to better understand their processes and identify the most promising areas for ICT investments. The approach enables PAs to:

  • get an overview of their complete process landscape;
  • analyse the processes to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement through ICT and
  • get consolidated reports and figures for their decisions.

The PICTURE approach comprises a public sector specific modelling language based on process building blocks and a guided modelling approach through which a much broader range of employees can be involved than in standard process modelling projects. Training and education on process management topics was greatly facilitated. Through the definition of weakness profiles, the automatic measurement of impact on the process landscape and the determination of the appropriate ICT to address the identified weaknesses decision makers are able to identify potential improvements and necessary re-organisation measures. The consolidated reports and the graphical process representation facilitate also communication to top-level management and help to raise awareness for process management efforts.

Participating municipalities gained more insight into their process landscape, were able to increase transparency of their processes and to raise awareness for process management related topics throughout their organisations. The project results also laid the foundation for further process management and benchmarking efforts in the participating municipalities and their respective local networks.

One core achievement out of the PICTURE project is the foundation of the PICTURE GmbH (, a spin-off from the University of Münster. The PICTURE GmbH has developed a consulting offering specifically targeted towards public administration which is based on the PICTURE approach developed in the project.

Deliverables documenting the research results as well as a screen cam demonstrating the PICTURE methodology and the related research prototype are available from the project website. PICTURE results will also be published in a book chapter in 2009 (“Handbook of Research on ICT-Enabled Transformational Government: A Global Perspective”, editors Marijn Janssen, Vishanth Weerakody).

The PICTURE project also contributed significantly to the related research areas which is documented in an extensive list of publications. Major contributions were made in the area of modelling methodologies, domain-specific modelling languages, semi-automated analysis of processes and process optimisation.

The PICTURE results have been actively disseminated throughout Europe and also world-wide in scientific as well as domain-specific events through workshops, presentations, and demonstrations of the PICTURE prototype.

The PICTURE project started on the 1st February 2006, and ended on 31st January 2009 and has been co-financed by the 6th Framework Programme of the European Commission.